What Laptop Should I Buy My Grandson?

Episode 1792 (12:10)

Paul from San Diego, CA

Paul got his grandson a Lenovo laptop five years ago, and now it's time to get him a new one. Leo says that Lenovos are still good. Leo says that the ThinkPads are better than the Flexpad though. Far more robust. Leo likes the X1 Nano. Super Thin and light, but very powerful. But if on a budget, the Thinkpad T series certainly can do the job. It isn't a sexy design, but definitely functional. Make sure to get at least 16GB of RAM and a larger hard drive!

There's also Dell and HP. All give good value for the price. The Dell XPS 13 is very one of the best. But there's also a 15" model, and larger. The Dell XPS15 is very nice. But the larger it gets, the less battery life it has. Lenovo also makes a gaming laptop called the Legion line. But the AMD Ryzen 4800H is a splendid alternative. In fact, it may be even better.