How Can I Move My Ringtones Over to My New iPhone?

Episode 1792 (57:55)

Laurel from Irvine, CA
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Laurel recently switched to an iPhone 12 Pro Max but is having trouble moving her ringtones over to it. She got it into GarageBand, but that's as far as she can get. Leo says that there's a video on how to do it on Hands-On Mac here. She will need to export to AAC M4A, and then rename it to an M4R extension. She can then transfer it from her iPad to her iPhone via AirDrop. 

What about a Type-C charger? Leo says the cable that Apple gave her should work, but it may also need to be PD (power delivery) or MFI (made for iPhone) supported. Look for a Type-C car charger that works with the iPhone. She can also charge it with her iPad charger. It's reprehensible that Apple has dropped the charger from being included in a phone that costs over $1000, but there is an argument that everyone has a charger now, and more than one.