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Episode 1792 May 1, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul got his grandson a Lenovo laptop five years ago, and now it's time to get him a new one. Leo says that Lenovos are still good. Leo says that the ThinkPads are better than the Flexpad though. Far more robust. Leo likes the X1 Nano. Super Thin and light, but very powerful. But if on a budget, the Thinkpad T series certainly can do the job. It isn't a sexy design, but definitely functional. Make sure to get at least 16GB of RAM and a larger hard drive!

There's also Dell and HP. All give good value for the price. The Dell XPS 13 is very one of the best. But there's also a 15" model, and larger. The Dell XPS15 is very nice. But the larger it gets, the less battery life it has. Lenovo also makes a gaming laptop called the Legion line. But the AMD Ryzen 4800H is a splendid alternative. In fact, it may be even better. 

Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul has an HP OfficeJet Pro that he wants to extend the life of. He's having issues with connectivity and it just won't print after an update. Leo says it's possible that a firmware update has failed and clobbered the connection. Sometimes updates can brick a device or make it unusable. He may be able to roll back the firmware but will have to find out from HP if that can be done. It's a very hard thing to come back from though. What Leo recommends is to Google the model of the printer with "firmware failed," and see if there's a workaround to try. It can't get much worse. 

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Watch Laurel from Irvine, CA Comments

Laurel recently switched to an iPhone 12 Pro Max but is having trouble moving her ringtones over to it. She got it into GarageBand, but that's as far as she can get. Leo says that there's a video on how to do it on Hands-On Mac here. She will need to export to AAC M4A, and then rename it to an M4R extension. She can then transfer it from her iPad to her iPhone via AirDrop. 

What about a Type-C charger? Leo says the cable that Apple gave her should work, but it may also need to be PD (power delivery) or MFI (made for iPhone) supported. Look for a Type-C car charger that works with the iPhone. She can also charge it with her iPad charger. It's reprehensible that Apple has dropped the charger from being included in a phone that costs over $1000, but there is an argument that everyone has a charger now, and more than one.

Watch Nolan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Nolan wants to know if he can use a VPN to make networks think he's somewhere else. Leo says yes, that's pretty much what the VPN does. Some people use VPNs to stream other countries' video streams for that very reason. VPNs have a client and a server. The client goes on the users' PC, while the server is somewhere else. Users then log into the VPN, and the IP address will be wherever they connect to it. But there is a catch. VPN providers use a pool of IP addresses that they own, and they identify them as VPN addresses. So while it can make anyone think that a user is somewhere else, it also tells them that it's a VPN, so they don't trust that as being factual.

Watch Manny from Mankato, MN Comments

Manny is using a password manager and VPN, but he's concerned about Mullvad's privacy since it requires Firefox. Leo says that Mullvad is a Swiss company with a very good privacy policy. It uses the new Linux protocol called Wireguard. It probably has a deal with Firefox, and hopefully is fine. 

Watch Russ from Orlando, FL Comments

Horace wants to know how UWB radio technology works in the Apple AirTags. Is it like Bluetooth beaconing? Leo says it's more precise. The bandwidth is very wide at 500mH. And it's what enables one to find with precision a device within inches. 

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Watch Vidak from Montenegro Comments

Vidak recently got a new job as music and production director for a local radio station. However, the digital music library the station uses is unorganized. It's like a jungle. So he needs to be able to organize it with metadata. Leo says that Music Brainz is a great app for that. It's an open-source version of CDDB and FreeDB. It'll open the mp3 and seek to identify the song and album. It'll then add the metadata, and that'll give about 90% of what he will need to reorganize the library. Music Monkey is another.


Watch Jim from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Jim recently got the OnePlus 9. He likes the camera but misses the Pixel camera. Leo says that there's something in the Pixel camera software that gives it the edge. But watch out for the Google Pixel 6, it's going to be a really great upgrade. 

Jim was also looking for a new laptop. He bought a Dell Refurbished Chromebook and upgraded to an SSD. He relies on the cloud a lot, so he wasn't worried about a high-performance model. Is it possible to upgrade to a Chromebook? Leo says probably not. Laptops have gotten so thin, that they literally get soldered. But he can get an older usdeed or refurbished laptop and upgrade it to be a Chromebook. But if it's too old, apps like Zoom may be problematic. 

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George keeps hearing about new Tesla car battery technology that promises a million miles before replacing. Leo says he'll believe it when he sees it. There are always stories about new battery technologies that promise great things but are short on delivering. However, the battery capacity is getting better every year and the range is improving as well, so he may have to charge less often, and when he does, it'll be faster to recharge.

But a million-mile battery? Not likely.