Apple Spring Event Loads Up with New iMacs, iPads, and AirTags

Episode 1791 (03:14)

purple iPhone

In a prerecorded event that lasted almost an hour on the dot, Apple held their annual Spring Event and introduced the latest M1 iMac, M1 iPad Pros, updates to AppleTV, and finally the launch of the Apple Air Tags. Apple also announced a purple iPhone, and the ability for customers to build credit through the Apple Card.  The Apple Air Tags will signal where your lost devices are, from keys to just about anything. Apple also added that any time an iOS device comes within range of an Air Tag, the tag will phone home and let the owner know where they are. That's pretty cool. The price of the Air Tags is $29 each with 4 for $99.  Moreover, with iOS 14, users can use their iPhones as a direction finder to locate their lost device as it homes in on the Air Tag.

New M1 iMacs were also rolled out, in six new colors.  But Leo warns that these are the lower end, entry-level iMacs, and not the iMac Pros, which will likely be announced later this year. Meanwhile, the Apple TV will not only stream 4K at 60fps, but users will be able to harness the front-facing camera of their iPhones to calibrate the color and adjust it automatically. It'll adjust color and shades of gray, but not contrast or dynamic range. And it will only use those settings while streaming through the Apple TV.

Next came a very high-end M1 iPad Pro, with up to 2TB of storage. Leo says that Apple is basically turning the iPad Pro into a laptop. So those complaining that Apple doesn't have a touch screen laptop can now be happy. The 12.9" model will also have a miniLED display, making the dynamic range as cinematic as it gets, with local dimming from 2500 groups of pixels. Brightness will be up to 1000 nits.