Is the 77" LG OLED the Best to View Photography?

Episode 1791 (38:35)

Dennis from Marina Del Rey, CA
77 inch C1 OLED

Ken recently automated his home with Google Nest, but the problem he's having is that when he's asking his phone to take a picture, he's told by Google Nest that they can't do that. Leo says that's a common issue as sometimes, Google doesn't know where to process a request. That goes away over time as Nest learns speech patterns. It also helps to be more specific in commands.

Ken is also thinking about getting a 77" LG OLED TV. Leo says that OLED is the most accurate color-wise, and they do HDR beautifully. But they don't do too well with brighter, ambient light. So if in a darkened room, OLED is ideal. But if in a brighter living room, then an LED LCD is a better option. The other problem is burn-in. That can still happen if Ken leaves the TV on all day and night. They do have pixel shifting to combat it, but overreliance on that will cause problems. Sony's OLED is also quite good. But more expensive. Check out the A9G Bravia. Check out the most recent King of TVs Shoot Our Results here.