What Are My Options for Streaming Video?

Episode 1790 (1:11:20)

Terry from Southern California

Terry is a cord cutter and he doesn't think that he gets actual high-speed internet with Frontier. Leo says it's been proven that Frontier goes out of its way to keep bandwidth speeds slow for its customers to keep them from using too much. Leo also says that Frontier is being investigated by states for their terrible customer service and rampant internet outages. And they aren't alone. The US has the worst broadband of any country in the developed world. Leo says that one solution is Elon Musk's Starlink system, but at $100 a month, plus the cost of equipment, it's not cheap. He could go to Spectrum. And since they are offering an AppleTV for $8 a month, it could be worth it. Or he can go with SLING. But Leo uses YouTube TV. However, the price continues to rise.

Another option is to go over the air with a ChannelMaster DVR and an antenna. That'll at least get him the local stations if he's within line of sight. LoCast is another option.