Should I Repair My iMac or Buy a New One?

Episode 1790 (59:40)

Tom from Largo, FL

Tom's iMac recently died and he needs to get a new one. His iMac's fusion drive has also died. Leo says Tom could put an SSD into the iMac, but it's not easy to do. So it's probably time to get a new one. Or he can run the OS off an external hard drive. It'll be a little slower, but it could work. The new iMac's are M1, but they are low-end and limited to what one can add to it. Meanwhile, the latest iPad will come with a new M1 chip. But it doesn't impress Tom. The good news is that another Apple Event will be had in June for WWDC, so it's possible the iPad Pro will get an update REAL soon. Certainly by Fall. Leo says that June's event will also likely offer a new Second-Generation M1 MacBook Pro.