Scott Wilkinson and the Big Announcement

Episode 1790 (24:10)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about a huge announcement at the Apple Spring Forward event. It's part of the new AppleTV (TVOS and iOS 14.5 respectively) and it's called automatic color balance. How it works is that users can pair their iPhone X to the AppleTV, and the AppleTV will calibrate your TV to make your streaming image closer to how content has been color balanced. The app will calibrate the color and gray scale by taking the phone and putting it up against your TV, and the forward-facing sensor will then tell the Apple TV to adjust its output based on what it's reading from the iPhone. It will then apply a "lookup table" or LUT, which will then compare it to the LUT that the filmmakers used and tweak it. It'll only work for content streamed on the AppleTV though, and so it doesn't really calibrate your TV, you're calibrating the AppleTV.

In related news, Arclight Theaters has announced that they are permanently shutting down all their theaters, including the historic Cinerama Dome.