Apple Springs New Products during Event

Episode 1790 (03:00)

Air Tags

Apple's Spring Loaded event was this week, coming in at under an hour for the prerecorded stream for all their product announcements. Leo thinks that Apple has really streamlined the format and that they really like it. So this may be the way they will continue to do it from now on. New products included a new iPad with the M1 chip, a new M1 iMac in six different colors, an updated Apple TV with color correction through iPhone, and the Apple Air Tags. Leo says that Air Tags are exactly what people expect, at $29, or $99 for four. They are similar to other trackers, and users put them on devices to keep track. Leo also says that Apple has opened up FindMy to third-party trackers now too. The iPhone will also use everyone's network to find a lost item through crowdsourcing. Anyone with an iPhone that comes near a lost item, will allow the Air Tag to "phone home" and notify the lost owner. Additionally, a new chip in the iPhone will enable users to use their mobile phones to detect exactly where the lost item is when looking for it. Kinda like that kid's game "hot-cold."