Why Can't I Suddenly Get WiFi?

Episode 1789 (1:39:52)

Seraphine from Los Angeles, CA

Seraphine is suddenly suffering from no WiFi. She was "borrowing a cup" from a neighbor, but now she can't get it. Leo says it's possible that the modem has died and you need another. Or you have a bad cable. It's also possible that the WiFI router is bad. If it's a router/modem combo, even more so.  The lights on your modem mean something, and if you look at the manual, it'll tell you if there's something wrong. Routers can also wear out. It may be time to replace it. 

What you can do is talk to the router. Type and hit enter in your browser. That's the IP address for your router. There will be a password for it. Once in, then you can see if it sees the internet.