The Giz Wiz ... Rising

Episode 1788 (2:13:40)


This week's gadget can help free up space on your desk. It's the Atumtek Monitor Riser. It frees up space so you  keep a small size keyboard, mouse, and more under your computer. It has three height adjustments: 3.9" -- 4.7" -and 5.5". You can use it for other gadgets too. On a desk you can raise your computer monitor to eye level for better posture. The ventilated design offers better cooling for a laptop, and the aluminium material is also excellent at heat dissipation. The company says it can hold up to 36 lbs and fits laptops no more than 16".  If your laptop is a bit bigger Dick says it isn't much of a problem since it would just over over the sides. The surface area is 14.6" X 9". There are non-slip pads underneath to help keep stand steady and to protect the surface it's sitting on. It does come in kit form and building it is easy and takes about 15 minutes. It's available in black and silver. It's priced around $21 to $22 for one and a bit cheaper in pairs. I bought the two pack, black.  

Giz Wiz Video: 

Amazon link - single black: About $21 as of 4/17/21

single silver:  About $22 as of 4/17/21

2 pack black:  - About $40 as of 4/17/21  

Gizwiz link here.