Rod Pyle and the Private Mission

Episode 1785 (2:02:34)

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle is back after a negative reaction to his covid vaccine. Now that he's back, space news is backing up! SpaceX announced a private space mission funded by Jarod Eisman. What's interesting about it is that Sian Proctor, a self-styled "analog astronaut" doing ground studies and simulations on earth, was chosen for the Inspiration 4 crew. It'll be a reuse of the Crew 1 capsule that's currently docked to the ISS and will launch in the Fall for a four-day mission. It'll also have a bubble viewing port where the docking port is. Also Hailey Eisenau, a cancer survivor and physician's assistant, will be flying as well.  What's interesting is that there will be no professional astronaut on board. The mission will be completely automated.