Can I Control a PC With Remote Control?

Episode 1785 (1:39:56)

John Michael from San Diego, CA
Remote Control

Three questions:

1. Can you control a PC with a remote control? Leo says you can't really control a remote unless it comes with it, and it's usually for the monitor. Logitech does have a living room keyboard interface for your computer, though. The K600TV Keyboard is one.

2. How to get clear audio from a distance? Can you do it with a selfie? There are a few ways to do this. Have a recorder with you, record your voice, and then replace the audio in your camera (you'll also need a tripod). But there's also a remote transmitter microphone that will transmit the audio wirelessly and record it to your camera while also recording locally. Check out the MikMe, or the RODE Wireless Go.

3. How to create a good website? Leo says learning how to create a good website is a great tool to have. Check out You could also hire someone through eLance to build it. But there are a lot of services that offer template-based websites. and is a great place to start.