What Do I Do With a New iPhone I Don't Need?

Episode 1784 (1:55:47)

Diane from Norco, CA
iPhone 12

Diane recently discovered that someone used her credit card to buy an iPhone 12, and it was shipped to her, not the person who made the fraudulent charge. She has disputed the charge, but Apple doesn't seem to want the phone back. Being that she's not an Apple person, what does she do with it? Leo says you can use it, but there may be someone in the family if you don't want it. Leo guesses that she can always sell it on eBay. Apple doesn't tie it to you until it's activated. You could try activating it first. If it doesn't activate, Apple could have recorded the serial number to prevent anyone from using it. Returning it to the Apple Store may be a wise idea.

You can also go to IMEI24.com and see if the IMEI is on a blacklist.