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Episode 1782 March 27, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Adam from San Diego, CA Comments

Adam's dad uses a Samsung S21 mobile phone, and every time he asks Google Assistant a question, it replies VERY slowly. Leo says to try going into phone settings: Click on General Management. Click on Language and input. Click on Text-to-speech. Change "Speech rate" with the slider.

Watch Ed from Tulsa, OK Comments

Ed has bought three AV receivers over the last five years, and all three have died in less than two years. Leo says that adding a surge suppressor that does power conditioning and an uninterruptable power supply will guard against "dirty power" and power spikes that can happen after a power outage. It's not normal for AV receivers, or any tech, to die too quickly and consistently. So it points to something other than the device itself. Leo also recommends not putting them in a sealed cabinet, which can cause overheating. You can also look for a line conditioner. Tripp Lite makes a really good one.

Other than that, maybe it's just bad luck.

Watch Don from Springfield, IL Comments

Don noticed that Microsoft has a new update called an "Optional Quality update." What is it, and should he run the update? Leo says that it's likely a fix for a previous update or a new set of hardware drivers. Leo usually waits a few weeks on those to see if they break connectivity on peripherals like printers, scanners, etc. So wait a few weeks, and then if there are no problems, go ahead.

Don is also tired of the problems with Windows updates and is thinking of getting an iPad Pro. Leo says that the iPad Pro is a great replacement, as fast as the latest Macs. And it would be best if you got a keyboard and mouse for it too.  But they can get a little inconvenient to do "everything" on it. But for a lot of people, it's all they need. Leo advises considering a Chromebook instead.

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Watch Greg from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Greg wants to teach his mother how to use a computer, particularly how files are organized. He's been thinking of using Udemy to learn Dos. Leo suggests pointing her towards YouTube. There are likely videos online that are just as good. But Greg would probably want to get that first. Also, check out AARP's online computer classes. There's also Kahn Academy.

Watch Rick from Capistrano Beach, CA Comments

Rick has been having issues with his wifi router. He has dropouts, and he has to unplug it and plug it back along with his modem. Leo says that when a router starts to fail a lot, that indicates that it's wearing out and it's time to replace it. Leo says that if you are renting from your ISP, he recommends turning in your cable modem and request a new DOCSIS 3.1 model. Or buy your own and save the rental fee.  Should he get a mesh router? Leo says that if you have a house that's greater than 1300 sq. feet, then it's worth it. But smaller than that, and a regular router is fine. You can mount your router higher on the wall to avoid interference. And stay away from a metal wall. Leo likes the Asus routers right now. A triband router is ideal. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Fred from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Fred has a problem with burn-in on his OLED. Leo says that it may or may not be permanent. Some burn-in can be recovered. Try putting a bright white background on the TV for a long time. That could recover the screen area that's burned it.

Modern OLEDs avoid it by using "pixel shifting." So if you're thinking of replacing it, prices have gone down recently. 

Watch Elaine from El Segundo, CA Comments

Elaine recently had AT&T rewire her house for UVerse service, but a day later, her phone won't dial out. Leo says a call to AT&T to ensure Diane has an outbound calling plan is a good idea. It may also be that Diane's phone is an old analog phone and so it doesn't make the tones that UVerse looks for. Leo says to check out for one that supports UVerse. There's also

Watch Greg from Anaheim, CA Comments

Greg is having a problem with HD and Dish Network. Leo says it's probably copy protection called HDCP, and if one thing in the chain isn't HDCP compliant, you'll get an error. Chances are, it's your cables. Make sure they are HDCP compliant. According to Satellite Guys, there was a firmware update on the DISH box that is causing intermittent HDCP errors. Here's a tech note about it.  An HDMI splitter can also bypass the HDCP copy protection. It's a common way that pirates bypass this nonsense. If it was Leo, he'd give up on DISH and do something else.