The Giz Wiz and the Desktop Fireplace

Episode 1780 (2:09:48)

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget is the TACKLIFE Tabletop Fireplace. Dick says that it seems really well built with a cement base, stainless steel insert to contain the flame, and a crystal clear glass chimney. There are two ways to use this mini fireplace. The company says the flame will be bigger if you burn directly with bioethanol fuel, but the fireplace flame will last longer if you burn with a wick and alcohol. With alcohol, the description says "can burn for 2 hours", while the instructions say "don't burn for more than 90 minutes". Dick says not to use it beyond 90 minutes and that it almost burned his hand when touched. It does get really hot! With either fuel, this tabletop fire pit bowl is ventless and portable, so you can take and place it wherever you want. (Before you light it.) So if you live in a city, you can have your own mini fireplace without the traditional wood logs or gas fires. The transparent windproof glass is for safety and to keep the flame lit outdoors. It's under $50. Again, keep track of the temperature of the base.

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