Why Am I Getting Bad Cell Reception and Buffering Online?

Episode 1779 (2:13:26)

Vicky from San Diego, CA
Cell Reception

Vicky has a problem that she can't have a cellphone conversation unless she goes outside. It works for a few minutes and then begins to break up unless she goes outside. She's also having buffering issues with her TV streaming. Could they be related? Leo says they could be. Modern cellphones have a WiFi calling feature, where the phone routes the cell phone call through the internet. You can disable it in your phone settings. But that doesn't solve your buffering problem, and that points to a bandwidth issue. What Vicky needs to do is find out what her bandwidth speeds are. Netflix has a help page on bandwidth here. You can also do a speed test to find out how fast your internet bandwidth really is. You want at least 25mbps. Vicky could also replace her existing modem and router provided by her cable ISP and replace it with her own. Leo recommends the DOCSIS III modem.