Why Does My Voice Break Up on WiFi Calling?

Episode 1774 (1:00:00)

Jeff from Laguna Beach, CA

Jeff recently cut the cord and set up Ooma for his phone service with WiFi calling since he has lousy cell reception. But the problem his voice is cutting out. Leo says that the router is the likely culprit. This is because it affects two different devices. But it's possible that Jeff's internet company is being anti-competitive, favoring their own internet phone service over any others. One possible solution is to not use their modem and router. He can buy his own modem and router and then save a monthly rental fee at the same time. Leo recommends DOCSIS 3.1. Leo likes the NetGear CM1000. Also, look at the Asus AC3200 line of routers. Leo also suggests putting the Ooma outside the router makes for a better connection. So he'd daisy chain the modem and then the Ooma and then the router.

Jeff also wants to know how he can wirelessly backup his network. Leo says that network-attached storage is the best option. Leo recommends the Synology NAS. It's a bit pricey though. He can also attach an external hard drive to the router.