What Chromebook Should I Buy?

Episode 1773 (46:02)

John from Gardnerville, NV
Acer Spin Laptop

John has decided to forgo a windows laptop in favor of a simple Chromebook. But which one should he get, and how much ram does he need? Leo says an 8GB Ram model is the sweet spot. But why do Chromebooks have scant storage? Leo says that's because of Chromebooks' design beingĀ built around storing everything in the cloud. Acer makes Leo's favorite Chromebooks. The Acer SPIN is very nice. HP also makes nice ones, as does Asus. Spending a little more on an aluminum body, touch screen, and better quality trackpad is worth the money in the long run.

Processor? Leo says your processor's power is less of a factor with a Chromebook. But you can get an i5 or i7. But they get more expensive, and John wants to avoid paying a Windows price. The Acer Spin 713 is highly rated. Great specs with an i5 processor and 128 GB SSD. It's $629 at Best Buy.

Check out aboutchromebooks.com for great reviews.