Sam Abuelsamid and the Best Car Ever

Episode 1773 (27:01)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about Leo's new Mustang Mach E, which he finally got this week. Leo says it's the best car he's ever owned. Leo got the First Edition model with a great sound system, driver-assist/adaptive cruise control, and pony logos everywhere. Leo says that driver-assist makes driving a breeze. Sam says that there are also over-the-air updates that will open up more features from the car, including drivers being monitored by the car to be sure they are paying attention to the road during driver-assist.  It'll be free for the first three years, but drivers will have to subscribe for the privilege after that.

Leo also loves that you can use up to four smartphones as a key to the car. You can log into the car and drive it with a password. But users also get a keyfob if they prefer the old-fashioned way.