What 1st Smartphone Should I Purchase?

Episode 1772 (1:52:00)

Pat from Denver, CO
iPhone SE

Pat uses a flip phone and is looking to get her first smartphone now. Leo says the only real reason to get a smartphone is to text others or to go online while mobile. If all she's using a phone for is phone calls, she won't really need it. But Pat's old phone is obsolete. Leo says she can still buy a flip phone. They're called feature phones now. But if she wants one, the iPhone is the easiest one to use and for most people, it's the best choice. Leo recommends the iPhone SE. 

Pat was looking at the Samsung Flip, which is a folding smartphone. Leo says it's pretty expensive at $1200 and he's not really sold on the folding phone screen just yet, even though he owns the Galaxy Fold 2.  Better to buy another flip phone.