Johnny Jet and the new roaring 20s

Episode 1772 (1:17:46)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that there are dozens of great travel deals right now and no matter where you find them, he recommends going directly to the source to actually buy the airline ticket. You can use third parties to search but buy from the airlines directly. That way if there's another lockdown, you can be sure to get your money back with a minimum of hassle. 

In other travel news, the TSA is hiring up to 6000 new agents. They're expecting summer to be a huge travel time after people get their vaccinations.

Las Vegas is going to be doing 24/7 hotel operations in a few weeks to get ready for everyone coming to Vegas. And McCarren airport is changing to Harry Reid Airport.

Gadget of the week - LifeStraw is only $14 on Amazon right now. It will filter water as you drink it.