The Giz Wiz ... how time flies

Episode 1772 (2:06:50)


Dick and Leo are celebrating 15 years of the Giz Wiz on the Tech Guy show! The first gadget Dickie D ever shared on the show was the DocuPen, a pen-shaped handheld scanner. It cost $300. And believe it or not, they still make them! 

Today's gadget, though, is the Wireless Driveway Alert System. It's a device that can let you know when your newspaper has been delivered, so you can get it before someone steals it. It's essentially a motion detector, so it can work for anything you want to know about that has been delivered. That happens a lot to Dickie D in New York, so the $30 price is more than worth it, especially with porch piracy on the rise with Amazon deliveries.