Why Does My Computer Drop Off the Internet Often?

Episode 1770 (58:10)

Suzanne from Redondo Beach,CA

Suzanne's laptop drops off the internet all the time, giving her an error that she's offline. Leo says that it could be many different things. Her router could be dropping out. Routers wear out and after a few years, problems like dropouts on wifi or the internet can happen. Try surfing on another device to replicate it. If so, then it's not the computer. If not, then she can focus on the computer as the culprit. Next, try using an ethernet cable to wire a connection and see if the problem persists. If so, then she knows it's a wifi issue and isn't the router or internet service provider. So the WiFi may be the issue. There are two wifi interfaces, one from the laptop and one from Windows. There could be a conflict. So type Windows Key + "Intel," and take off the Intel WiFi Manager. Also, go into the device manager (windows key + X) and look at the WiFi adapter or WiFi card. R/C and select properties, then select power management. Uncheck "turn off this device to save power." It can cause problems, as Windows turns off the WiFi to save power. 

Go into Windows Update, and then optional updates. There may be an update available for your network stuff. Install those. There could be a firmware update in there for it. While at it, go to the computer manufacturer and download any firmware updates or drivers. That can also help.

But it could also be that her WiFi card has gone bad. A USB WiFi adapter can bypass all of that. 

Lastly, Suzanne may have disabled WiFi with a function key by accident. Look in the control center and see if Airplane mode has been turned on. Turn it off. Lower right-hand corner.