How Fast Should My Bandwidth Be?

Episode 1770 (1:13:10)

Bob from Hermosa Beach, CA

Bob is looking at T-Mobile's home internet, but it seems to slow at 25MB or more in speed. Leo says that's probably T-Mobile's Cellular internet service. He can run and verify it as well. They will publish the ideal that is usually peak speed, but not regular everyday speed. Also, upload speed is just as important as download speed, if he's doing zoom calls. Also run the speed test in prime time, when everyone is streaming Netflix. Then Bob will know how fast it will really be.

How much bandwidth does he really need in this Zoom-centered world? Leo says Netflix recommends at least 25MBps for a single 4K stream. So add everything else, and 100MBps should be more than enough. It just depends on how much he's sharing.