Johnny Jet - Some Happy News

Episode 1768 (1:22:00)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about It's a company that offers tricked out travel vans with a touchless flair. You can rent their "mobile hotels" online and get 200 miles for the first night, and 100 miles each night after that. Fun for a nice weekend camping trip. It comes with all the amenities. So it's more like glamping. But it's pretty cool. 

In other news, Canada just shut down cruising because of the Jones Act, which requires cruise ships to stop at one international port. So cruising to Alaska has been greatly affected, as well as ports on the northeast coast. Holland American though is keeping their land-based lodges open, so travelers can fly up to Alaska and still enjoy a stay. 

Canada is also only allowing people to fly into only four airports. The lockdown is an attempt to keep the borders shut down so the covid impact is lessened and Canadians can live a normal life. It's worked in New Zealand, so we'll see if it works for the second-largest country in the world.