Scott Wilkinson ... Super Bowl TV Deals

Episode 1766 (26:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Better than Black Friday, the week before the Super Bowl is the best time to buy a new TV. Scott joins Leo to talk about the best TVs and the best deals available right now. Most of the TVs are closer to the end of the annual product cycle. So many of the deals are near the end of life in order to clear them out for the next generation.  Some of these deals are great deals, while others, not so much.

TCL, for example, offers deals on their Series 4 TVs, but Scott says that those are edge-lit and as such, not as good as the Series 5. So while you get a great deal, you may not be happy with it. LG's BX line is also a lower model that Scott says to avoid. He recommends going with the CX OLED line, which he says is the "sweet spot" for its best value. And it's on sale.

Vizio also now has an OLED, which is around the same price as the LG CX TV.  You'll also see sales on the V series, but Scott says to go for the better P or M series.  The Sony X900 is also a good model to look for. 

Check out Scott's spreadsheet of TV models on sale above.