Why Can't I Get Online?

Episode 1765 (48:53)

Jesse from Ontario, California

Jose has been kicked off of Google and can't access anything on the internet. Leo says to make sure your computer's time and data is correct to start. If your motherboard battery has died, it can't backup any time data, and as such, the clock fails and you can't sync up with Google. That's the first thing to check. Leo says that security software may also be a culprit. He recommends sticking with Windows Defender and not a third party AVS app. He's also using Windows 8. Leo says that could be part of the problem. But the good news is, it sounds like it's just Jose's computer and not something bigger like being blacklisted by Google online.

Leo recommends rebooting into Safemode with Networking. It'll look awful, but it should get you up and running online. 

Leo also says that now is a good time for Jose to upgrade to Windows 10. He can still do it for free. Upgrading will fix anything that is stuck and will get him future-proofed. And his computer should still be able to handle it since it's Windows 8.1.