How can I avoid using products by Big Tech?

Episode 1763 (1:21:30)

Brian from Nashua, NH

Brian has an iPad that's ten years old, and he would like to replace it with a non-Google, non-Amazon, or non-Apple model. Leo says good luck. One journalist tried to do that and wrote a story about it. She concluded that she couldn't do anything online. It's an interesting conundrum. If you're unhappy with Big Tech and don't want to patronize them, can you actually go online and boycott those major services? Well, no, you can't. And most websites are run on Amazon Web Services. So you're kind of stuck. 

PURI.SM and PINE make pure Linux phones and laptops. But they aren't perfect. The best hope could be Windows-based tablets by Microsoft.  

Check out for how to minimize your support and footprint in the online world dominated by big tech.