The GizWiz ... masked up

Episode 1762 (2:05:30)


This week's Giz Wiz gadgets are all about masks for the current round of lockdowns. LG won an Innovation Award for their PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It's one of the newest parts of their PuriCare lineup with products for the home and commercial spaces. This device features two H13 HEPA filters to prevent up to 99.95 percent of harmful airborne matter. It has DUAL Fans and a patented Respiratory Sensor which allows users to effortlessly breathe pure, filtered air in almost any environment. The sensor detects the cycle and volume of the wearer’s breathing and automatically adjusts the three-speed DUAL Fans accordingly, speeding up when inhaling and slowing down to reduce resistance when exhaling. The PuriCare Air Purifier Case features LG’s UVnano sanitization technology to eliminate 99.99 percent of harmful germs in just 30 minutes using UV-C LED lights. 

Company video:

Website selling this device for $$$:

The other mask is the MaskFone - World's First Face Mask with Integrated Earbuds & Microphone. It features replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, reducing the need to remove your mask in public. COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet), so the use of masks is particularly important in settings where people are close to each other or where social distancing is difficult to maintain. MASKFONE was designed to help reduce the need to adjust or remove your face mask to speak on a mobile phone in these situations. With the wireless headset, there's up to 8 hours of playtime while listening to your favorite tunes or taking calls.MSRP $49.99 Available now. 

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