Scott Wilkinson and the new version

Episode 1760 (19:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about CES this year, and he says there's been a ton of news already. Leading the way is micro and mini LEDs, the latest version of LCD TV technology. Instead of hundreds or thousands of LEDs, there are now tens of thousands. And that translates to more accurate color and dynamic range. This year will be the year of mini LEDs with LG announcing the QNLED model of 4K TVs, and Samsung showcasing their NEO LED. 

Interestingly, Sony is skipping the MiniLED revolution and is focusing on OLED with a host of new models including a brighter design that flies in the face of the traditionally dimmer OLED designs.

Are mini LEDs expensive? Scott doesn't think so, but micro-LEDs are because they are so small, making the manufacturing process complex and each panel must be made perfectly. So it'll be prohibitive in the price for the foreseeable future.

Sony also announced its own custom streaming service called Bravia Core. Sony says they will offer UHD BluRay equivalent quality at 80 MBps, twice that of Apple and nearly 5 times that of Netflix. Scott says Netflix has cut their bitrate because they have better compression that doesn't require a larger pipeline.