Johnny Jet ... Favorite Places

Episode 1760 (1:07:00)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about travel. Leo says he was supposed to be on a Singapore cruise this weekend. But he was forced to cancel. Luckily, he got his money back. 

LAX now has a Covid19 testing lab with a 3-5 hour turn around time on site. You need to make a reservation, but it's a great step if you need to travel. The cost is $125. Canada and the UK are now requiring negative Covid19 tests and require 14-day quarantine to travel to their country.

In other travel news - Six days in 2021, you can visit national parks for free. So that's good news. Airlines have started cracking down on emotional support animals, only allowing dogs, and you'll have to pay $125 each way for the pet and provide a letter from your doctor. Pets cannot be taken out of a crate either.