How Can I Get My Max Bandwidth?

Episode 1760 (1:38:10)

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Peter gets a Gig up and down with Fiber. Leo says he probably doesn't get that all the time. Would he get that with WiFi and a mesh router? Leo says if all devices are WiFi 6, maybe. But everything has to be wifi compatible. The thing is, WiFi 6e is right around the corner, so it's probably a good idea to wait. Leo had the Orbi with WiFi 6 and it was only 10% faster. Not really worth the extra expense. 

Peter has a video he'd like to share, but he needs to blur some of the faces in the video. Leo says that YouTube Studio has a blur feature that he can add. It's pretty smart. There are also iOS apps that can do it, like Video Mosaic. There are tools in iMovie or Final Cut Pro that'll do it as well. Look at the advanced tools of iMovie. Filmora Video Editor for macOS will also do it.