How Can I Run Windows on My New m1 Mac MiniM

Episode 1756 (1:24:12)

Myra from Anaheim, CA

Myra recently got an M1 Mac Mini to replace her old Windows machine. How can she run her Windows teaching programs with her new Mac? She hears that Parallels isn't perfect for running Windows virtually.

Leo says that the M1 doesn't use BootCamp anymore, so it is virtually the only option now. Leo says that VMWare Fusion is the other virtual option. But both VMWare and Parallels have yet to release an M1 version. However, Parallels has released a technical preview version that you could try. But there is another challenge. You need a special version of Windows.

Here's an article that talks about it -

Warning though: Leo says it's going to be a rocky transition for a while, but in the end, virtualization will end up working. It'll just take some time. So be patient.