What's a Good Option for Backing Up Photos?

Episode 1755 (1:51:00)

Frederick from Orange County, CA
 Apple Photos

Frederick wants to create a central location to house all the photos and videos for everyone in the family. Leo says if he wants to be responsible for it all, then Apple Photos can handle it. But everyone may want to keep their own accounts. Google Photos has similar features to Apple Photos, but it's cloud-based. And he can share unlimited free storage up until June 1st. Then each person can upload to a family album from their own account. Then everyone can upload and see the album. It's a great way to do it without having the burden just on the creator.

The other option is a Synology NAS set up with their Photos app (called "Moments") and everyone can upload to it, but it's on the creator's local network. 

Frederick also wants to upgrade his WiFi. He's looking at the Orbi Mesh Router. Leo says he's been very happy with the Netgear Orbi. It's very fast. But there's also Eero, which focuses on network management. It's also very simple to plug in and even hardwire the Synology into it.