Government Hacked By Nation-State Hackers, Perhaps Russia

Episode 1755 (02:55)


Russia may have hacked several local, state, and federal government agencies this week, according to the NSA and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. With all the hallmarks of Russian hacking group "Fancy Bear," Leo says that the hack was discovered because the group went too deep and too far and triggered security software designed to detect such attempts. 

The "SolarWinds" management software, known as Orion, is used by a myriad of government agencies, and the Russian group had hacked Solar Winds without being caught. They took the current update and modified it before it was released so that it looked and operated normal, but contained a back door that hackers could take advantage of. As such, over 18,000 agencies have been made vulnerable to the hack. And Leo says we may never know just how pervasive the hack is. 

The most important thing about nation-state hacking though, is that Leo says it's relatively cheap to operate a hacking army, vs. an actual army. And just about every nation has its own cyber army, and it's a world at war in CyberSpace.