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Episode 1754 December 13, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Joy from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Joy has a 2012 13" Macbook Pro. Is it worth it to replace the hard drive with an SSD and boost the RAM? Leo says it's worth it ... if you want to do it. It'll require a special tool, but you can get that at OWC. And OWC will have videos showing you how to do it. And the boost in performance will be huge with an SSD drive. It'll cost about $200 to do it. But if you like to tinker, it's a great little project that's easy to do.

Another place to research how is at iFixit.

Watch Joanne from Oceanside, CA Comments

Joann is looking for an app for Zoom. She's heard that Zoom is barred from the Apple app store for macOS Big Sur. Is this true? Leo says that Apple has really beefed up security on the Mac with Big Sur, and the real issue is that you need to upgrade to the latest zoom version. Go to the Zoom website. That's where you have to get it. Not the app store. Download and install the latest version. 

You can also press the CMD key and space, then type ZOOM. You can then open the Zoom app, and then you can update the app under preferences.

Watch Steve from Riverside, CA Comments

Steve uses PLEX to stream his home media. He's got over 400 movies on his hard drive. But his DVDs have VOB files on them. How does he rip them so he can add them to his PLEX system? Leo says that what you want on your hard drive is the movie itself. Not necessarily the VOB file. But PLEX should be able to read it. A far easier thing to do is to use Handbrake to convert your DVD movies to MP4 files. You may also need VLC Media Client. They both work together to rip your DVD and save the movie as an MP4 file. Then save them to your PLEX hard drive.

Another option is MakeMKV. That will take all the files on your DVD and transcode them into a single file.

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Watch Craig from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Craig is an animator and is working at home during the Covid lockdown. They're doing meetings over Zoom and Google meet. But he can't run a video conference and draw digitally at the same time on his Macbook Pro. The lag is terrible. The lag even occurs when he's hard-wired into the router. Chris Marquardt suggests giving OBS Ninja a try. It's very low latency. Check out

But the fact is that Craig is doing two processor-heavy apps at the same time. Leo recommends not only closing all other apps but reboot your computer before you start Zoom. The amount of bandwidth you have may also impact the latency. If you have only 5 up, for instance, you're only getting half that for uploading. So getting more bandwidth would definitely help. 

A new cable will also help. Cables can go bad, and an older cable can cause more latency and jitter than newer ones. 

Watch Leo from Orange County, CA Comments

Leo isn't happy with his Arlo Pro security cameras and is looking for an alternative. Leo uses NEST cameras. But their service is expensive. A good budget-friendly option is the Wyze cam. Their new outdoor cameras, v3, are around $50. They are battery-powered and motion-activated. So they only record when there's movement. So you get 3-6 months on a charge. Wyze offers a subscription, but it isn't required since they record to a microSD card. 

They also have wired outdoor cameras with great low light capability.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Nashville, TN Comments

John's LG OLED is suffering from the burn-in of channel logos. Leo says that the LG shouldn't have that problem since they use pixel shifting to combat it. It should be corrected by using the clear panel noise option in the settings. Also, use cinema mode vs. vivid or demo mode. That will make the screen less bright. 

Burn-in does occur, but it's become less and less of an issue. Most burn-in is image retention that should go away after a few minutes. 

Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Tim's BigSur Mac is having issues reading an external hard drive. Leo says that since the drive is formatted to NTFS, Big Sur has trouble reading the drive. So it would be better if you reformatted the drive to APFS or ExFat or another Apple supportable file format. Also, try MacFuse or Paragon. That may help your Mac read the drive.

There is also a terminal command that can help. Read instructions here.

A discussion about it in Apple forums here.

Watch Daniel from Fresno, CA Comments

Daniel is having an issue with Windows 10, getting a notification that his Microsoft account has had its password changed. He has to verify his account. Then after a few days, the process repeats. Leo suggests turning on two-factor authentication and installing the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. It may be that someone keeps changing Daniel's password. Using two-factor authentication that will alert you and require an authenticator will prevent that. 

Another option is to reset One Drive. That could be the actual issue, and resetting it should solve the problem. Here's how.

Watch Jeff from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Jeff uses a second monitor on his desk, but it takes too much room. He wants to swap it out with a smaller analog monitor. He got a DVI to analog adapter, but it uses both DVI-D and DVI-I options. HIs monitor is DVI-D, so it doesn't work. Leo says you have to get a DVI-D to VGA analog adapter, which has a digital to analog converter built into it. It'll be more expensive, but it's still doable. Startech makes one. It's $31 on Amazon.

Watch Lex from Richmond, VA Comments

Rich has a room about 35 feet away from the base station, and they have issues with dropouts from it. Leo says that WiFi is a line of sight technology, primarily, and so anything that goes in between the access point and the device can interfere. One way to solve the problem is to put your access point higher up the wall. That will move the signal away from a lot of things that will get in the way.

Another option is to get a mesh router or even go with Powerline networking, which uses your electrical grid to network from your router to that room. It's gotten a lot better in the last few years. Leo says that TPLink is the best manufacturer for it.