Why's My iPad Buffering During Quicktime?

Episode 1753 (58:20)

George from Santa Monica, CA
 iPad Pro

George has been having problems with his iPad and Quicktime. He's supposed to have a download bandwidth of 256MB per sec, but it will then buffer and stop. It doesn't recover. He gets a message that says his speed is poor. But it doesn't happen on his iPhone. Just his iPad.

Leo says that points to an issue with the iPad, which George says is about 6 years old. Leo says a newer iPad will handle that better, obviously. So it sounds like George's iPad is the issue here. The iPad Air 4 is a very affordable alternative. But George needs a larger screen, so that means the iPad Pro is his best bet. 12.9". But it'll cost about $1,000 and there's an update that should be coming in the Spring. So if he can wait until then, he should do it.  Add the magic keyboard and he has a great laptop.

A cheaper option is the new iPad Air. It's thinner, lighter, faster, and a larger screen. And it'll cost a little less than the iPad Pro.