Cyberpunk 2077 Released & is a Huge Download. But There's an Alternative

Episode 1753 (08:40)


The much-anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077 was released and even with a physical disc, expect an updated download of over 100GB. But there is an alternative. Leo bought the game through Google Stadia and was able to play the game by streaming it. The game-changer here is that it doesn't really matter what platform you play the game on, you'll be able to still play it.

Meanwhile, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) will be Windows streaming. So users won't have to have an operating system on their computer, they'll just have a browser, like Chromebooks, and use Windows online. That's coming in 2021. So what's in the future? Everything will be in the Cloud. And you'll have to pay for it every month.