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Episode 1752 December 6, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tim from Palatka, FL Comments

Tim runs a low powered radio station. He's been using Audacity to edit his audio, but recently, it has stopped resetting to the beginning when stopping recording. Now it creates a new track, and that prevents him from overdubbing as he had been in the past. Leo says there's likely a setting in Audacity that will disable the change. He's going to have to use a second, separate track and then position them to overlap. But Tim has problems with that since he's visually impaired. Shift+R can create a new track and then use the cursor keys to move along the track.

From the chatroom -

Watch David from Anaheim, CA Comments

David has been looking at home security systems and they are so expensive for monthly fees. So he went with Eufy, which doesn't. But it won't allow him to share videos without access to his personal videos and photos, and his search history. Leo says they need access to a camera roll in order to save and share from it since that's where the videos are stored. That's a normal thing for iOS security. But that shouldn't impact search history. But Apple will split up each permission and then users can say no. Or say yes now, and then turn it off once he's shared the video. The permission can be revoked in iOS settings.

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Watch Larry from San Francisco, CA Comments

Larry just built a new gaming computer. Now he wants to restore a backup so he doesn't have to install all his programs that are on his old computer. His options are to either clone or restore from a backup. What's the difference? Leo says that a cloned drive is an image of the hard drive which can then be blasted back onto a drive. But that's not a good option for cloud backup. Good for a local backup on an external drive. Microsoft stores cloning in the legacy backup settings.

Other imaging options include:



Drive Snapshot

Terabyte Image for Windows

But he's saving everything on that hard drive.  He won't want to store an image in the cloud because it'll take a long time to upload and then download for restoring. That's why he'll want to restore data from the cloud. Image for the programs, restore data from the cloud.

Watch Phil from Tarzana, CA Comments

Phil updated his Windows 10, but it installed the enterprise version instead. Now he's getting a wrong serial number error. Leo says he could buy it, but that isn't cheap. The easiest thing to do is download the Windows Media Creation Tool and reinstall the consumer version that came with the computer. If he is going to go with Windows Pro, he can just go into the settings under System => Change Product Key and input the pro serial number after the upgrade.

Here's how - 

Also from the chatroom -

Watch Stacy from Greenville, MI Comments

Stacy lives in rural Michigan and she has really slow internet. Leo says that broadband companies don't want to install high-speed internet into rural areas because there aren't enough customers to justify the cost. Will satellite be a good alternative? Leo says that thanks to Elon Musk's Starlink network it will be. But it's $99 a month and costs $600 in equipment. And the more satellites they put up, the faster it will get. They've only put up 10% of the satellites they want to so far.

Another option is LTE and 5G if she's close to a tower. 

She also experienced a tornado in her back yard, but she didn't get a notification on it. Leo says to look under Government Alerts in iOS settings and she will see emergency alerts and public safety alerts at the bottom of the notifications settings. If they're on, it may be that the wireless connectivity is an issue and as such, she is not getting them. It's also possible that Verizon is using WiFi calling and as such, she didn't get the cellular notice.

But it is voluntary. But Verizon and other major carriers should be. But it's not geographically precise, so the wireless company may not have been aware. Check out more information here -

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Watch Rocco from Valencia, CA Comments

Rocco is seeing all sorts of security warnings for passwords in his iPhone's settings. Leo says that is Apple's latest security feature that not only reviews passwords to make sure they are secure but will warn users if they reuse them, and provide a link to change them if they are compromised or not secure. LastPass does the same thing. Other vaults include One Password and BitPass. 

Should Rocco buy a new TIVO or is there another brand? Leo says that DVRs are on their way out now, in favor of streaming services that offer DVR services in the Cloud. YouTube TV does that, along with SlingTV and Comcast. But for hardware DVRs, ride TIVO until the end. It's the best. 

Watch Bernie from Lakewood, CO Comments

Bernie has noticed that when he puts his M1 Mac Mini into portrait mode, that his monitors have problems. Leo says that the M1 is a new system and as such, it's bound to have some limitations until there's an update, especially with drivers. Leo thinks that something has changed with macOS Big Sur, and as such, Bernie's monitors can't handle the new configuration due to having an outdated driver. So he advises contacting the monitor manufacturer and see if there's a new driver for Big Sur. That's likely where the issue is. He may also want to check the resolution in the system monitor settings. 

From the chatroom ... SwitchResX will provide a lot more resolution and orientation options. Try that.

Watch Matt from Kansas City, KS Comments

Matt has a 5G Note 20 and he can't visit a website on 5G. But he can visit it on 4G through AT&T. Leo says that it could be something that the website is doing, that doesn't allow a 5G network to access it. Leo suspects it's a DNS issue, and if he can try an alternate DNS provider, that will fix it. Leo recommends NextDNS or OpenDNS. NextDNS has an app that can fix it.

Watch Kevin from California Comments

Kevin wants a home security system that will let him control and move the cameras at will. Leo recommends (TWiT Sponsor) SimpliSafe. Very convenient, affordable, and you can set them up yourself.