Scott Wilkinson ... One more plug

Episode 1751 (26:57)

Scott Wilkinson

This week, Scott joins Leo to talk about how Warner Brothers and Apple have upgraded the Lord of the Rings trilogy to 4K HDR and high frame rate. And the thing is, it looks too real. You can see too much detail and that means you can tell the prosthetics from the real thing. And it's really noticeable. Leo says it'll take time, but filmmakers will have to adjust how they make a movie to return the dreamy look that makes cinema so great. 

In other news, Warner Bros. has announced that their entire slate of movies in 2021 will be released simultaneously to theaters and HBO Max. Leo says that theaters are going to be screaming about it, but Scott says that theater attendance was already down and people will be reluctant to return to the theaters until the Pandemic is dead and gone. 

Scott says that Tuba Christmas' Online Extravaganza will be streamed live next Sunday. Check out to enjoy it live!'