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Watch Dean from Brea, CA Comments

Dean wants to know if there's a future for Flash. Leo says that Flash has been steadily dying since Apple decided to abandon it a decade ago. Now almost nobody supports it anymore, especially YouTube and Google, which now uses something called HTML5. Even Adobe stopped supporting it. To use flash now would be more work, not less. And any site that is still using it is few and far between. No need to worry. Everyone is moving away from it.

Watch Larry from Menneffee, CA Comments

Larry bought a Samsung S20 "Fan Edition" Android Phone. He's having all sorts of issues with crashing, screen issues, and other problems. Leo says that it's likely software issues that are causing the problems. Samsung is known for some of the best screens in the business, so it's unlikely, but not impossible, that it's a hardware issue. But Leo advises to contact Samsung Mobile and demand a new one.

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Watch Al from Las Cruces, NM Comments

Al recently bought a laptop from Walmart. He likes to dual boot with Linux, and Al is concerned if he messes it up and has to reinstall Windows 10, how can he find the activation code to reinstall Windows 10? Is there a software that can read the registry? Leo says you don't have to worry about that anymore. Windows 10 will recognize your laptop and will automatically authorize it. It's called an "entitlement," and it applies to the hardware, not the owner. But if you still want it, check out Belarc Advisor.

Watch Troy from Fontana, CA Comments

Troy has been working with his church to stream services every week. What they need is a live stream audio solution that they can lock down and protect. A password that grants people access to the stream when invited. Leo says that in reality, there's no solution that can be used that can't be cracked. One good solution would be to require listeners to visit a portal or website first. But even that can be bypassed with a link. Byta can encrypt a stream. You could try them. 

Watch Parker from Pasadena, CA Comments

Parker is a gamer and is looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. He recently bought the Nvidia RTX 380 video card for his PC. He's got it connected to his TV, but it's causing a problem with the resolution. Leo says Parker is going to need a 4K TV that can handle a higher refresh rate. Leo says that LCDs are notoriously low. So an OLED may be the way to go. Latency is also an issue, but OLEDs handle that as well as the best LCDs. OLEDs are around 14ms, and some are GSync compatible. So look for that.  Check out and Also, look for gaming mode as an option with the TV as well.

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Watch Keith from Wichita, Kansas Comments

Keith uses Dragon Naturally Speaking, and he's noticed that it is moving away from a consumer version. The Mac version has been retired. What are his alternatives? Leo says that most of the speech to text tools were bought by Nuance, and innovation isn't as important anymore. Meanwhile, Google and Microsoft have been building voice dictation into operating systems, so they are natively included. Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo. That's where the innovation is happening. Even Microsoft Word is doing very good Voice Dictation now.

For physicians: Scribe, by Moebius MD. 

Watch John from Fallbrook, CA Comments

John has noticed that his Google Assistant gets triggered when he accidentally hits the right button. How can he disable the Google Assistant button on his Motorola phone? Leo says that there was an app called Tasker that could do it. What you're looking for is a program that can see the hardware button and then assign it to do something else or nothing at all. So try that. It's free. 

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Watch Ann from Fullerton, CA Comments

Ann got a new, non-M1, MacBook Air last September.  But now there's a whirling noise when she does things for about a minute. Leo says it could be overheating and the MacAir is kicking on the fan faster in order to cool it down. But it shouldn't be too loud. So if it's loud, Leo recommends bringing it into the Apple Store and have them look at it while it's still under warranty.