Amazon's New Idea ... Amazon Sidewalk

Episode 1750 (02:10)

Amazon Sidewalk

Wanting to offer a neighborhood-based wifi network, Amazon has announced Amazon Sidewalk, which uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) radios to connect everyone from house to house. You can get motion alerts from your security cameras, track your pets if they should run away, and even notifications when the mailman leaves you mail. As long as one device sees the other, it can pass along connectivity with a promised small amount of bandwidth. 

Privacy advocates state obvious and expected concerns, especially with Amazon using bandwidth without permission. And in addition, Amazon will be able to track trucks more accurately. But Leo says that while Sidewalk is on Amazon Alexa devices by default now, users can opt-out.  Go into your Alexa app and click on More -> See More -> Settings -> Account Settings-> Amazon Sidewalk -> click on the switch to turn it off.