Why is my wifi so slow?

Episode 1749 (1:28:51)

Daisy from Alhambra, CA

Daisy is having trouble with slow internet. Leo says to run SpeedTest by google and see how fast your connection is. There's also Fast, which is a connection test for NetFlix. Also, make sure you're not too far away from your router. If you're more than 100 feet away, that's going to slow things down. Also, too many walls between your router and your laptop can cause issues. 

Leo also recommends replacing your ISP provided router with a router of your own. Leo recommends Eero Mesh Routers. That will create a better connection for your wifi network. Sadly, mesh routers aren't cheap. So if you're on a budget, you can always go wired and drop WiFi altogether. Can a wifi booster help? Leo says no, they actually cut your bandwidth in half.

But Powerline Networking would work. It plugs into your power outlet and uses your electric grid to network your home. Leo recommends TPLink. You'll need two. 

Also, try putting your router/wifi access point higher up on the wall so that it's free from as many obstructions as possible. As high as you can.