The Giz Wiz ... Masked up

Episode 1749 (2:15:02)

Dick DeBartolo

Want to make your own custom-made mask for the Pandemic? Dickie D recommends the SnapStyle Printable Masks Kit. Here's how the company describes the kit: With fabric-printing technology, you can replicate almost ANY picture, pattern, or other artwork directly onto a 100% cotton protective mask using just your mobile device – no sewing required. The kit includes everything needed to make several masks, which can be sized to fit children and adults. SnapStyle has been rigorously designed and tested to meet WHO guidelines for barrier masks and AFNOR guidance on filtration and breathability. People can create unique custom face masks that celebrate a beloved team, coordinate with a favorite outfit, or even replicate their face! Along with the kit you need an iron, scissors, and of course, an inkjet printer. A kit of 2 is about $16.00 but it's way cheaper to buy the kit for 4 masks which are only $2 more - $17.99.

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Company website: Click 'How To' to see the complete process of making a mask.

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