What 4K TV should I get to edit my new iPhone 12 Pro video footage?

Episode 1746 (51:42)

Scott from Orange, CA
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Scott recently picked up the iPhone 12 Pro Max for shooting video. He says it feels solid, but it also feels heavy. He says the camera is so good, he uses it to shoot TV shows on a local cable network. But now he needs a TV with Dolby Vision to edit the video on it.

Leo says that the Pro XDR display could support it, but you don't want to spend $6,000 on that. Leo suggests going with a 4K HDR TV that supports Dolby Vision at 60 fps. Leo recommends an OLED TV, but LCD works better in brighter ambient conditions. You want to make sure the LCD TV is 4K HDR and has full-array local dimming (FALD). Don't get caught up in hype terms like "nanotechnology." Best Buy has a HiSense 70" 4K HDR TV on sale right now for $400. That's a good, aggressive price if you can find one.