What Do I Do With Pics Burned on a CD?

Episode 1743 (1:48:44)

Bill from Denver, CO

Bill has thousands of images on CDs. Is that the safest way to keep them? Leo says Bill wants to get them all in the cloud ASAP. Burned CDs can oxidize and stop working over time. Sometimes within a year. So he wants to have other options, including putting them online.

Google Photos is a great place to start. They offer unlimited photo backup for free. If an Amazon Prime Member, he will have free photo storage of originals. So go there as well. But the wrap there is, he can't cancel a prime account as long as he has those photos there. Lastly, Leo recommends putting prints up on a photo printing service like Shutterfly. That way he can share them with friends and family. Just send them a link and they can order their own prints.

Remember, one backup isn't a backup. Leo recommends three backups, two different formats, and one in the cloud. So back them up on an external hard drive. Then one in the cloud. And then he's got those CDs.

How can he organize them? He hates Windows Photos.  Will Picasa work? Leo says that Google killed off Picasa, so if he has a copy, KEEP it. Another option is ACDC. It's a great photo organizer. 

Then, every year or two, evaluate options in favor of newer options.