How Can I Get My Printer to Wirelessly Print Without Google Cloud Print?

Episode 1743 (1:11:20)

Chris from Ithaca, NY

Chris is having issues with her Canon Pixma printer, wirelessly printing from her Chromebook. Leo says that Google Cloud Print has been discontinued. But she should be able to still print to the printer on the local network. Look to see if the printer can log into WiFi. If the Pixma can't log into the network separately, then Chris needs software provided by Canon to log into the printer and set it up.

Leo says that Canon probably hasn't made a Chromebook driver, and thus it may not work unless they put out a driver. But if Chris can see the printer, that's half the battle. 

Chromebooks do support CUPS, the open-source printer system. So that may be an option. Here's a link to how.