How can I connect my printer to my Mac?

Episode 1742 (53:59)

Steve from Fullerton, CA
Canon Ink Cartridge

Steve is stuck in "printer hell," with his Canon printer running out of ink. He can't get a replacement cartridge because everywhere because everyone is out. And every store said it's a shortage due to CoVid19. Leo recommends trying Amazon. 

He tried a third party reload option. Didn't work. Leo said that many printer makers have put chips in a cartridge as an "anti-piracy measure," which prevents you from using a third-party ink cartridge option. It's terrible and anti-competitive. 

Frustrated, he bought a new printer. But his replacement printer cannot connect with WiFi using his Mac. Leo says that Xerox does offer a driver for Steve's Mac. Leo says to connect to WiFi from the printer. Have it search for the access point. Connect and add the password - but you have to be cautious about inputting. Once it's synced on the WiFi, then you can go into your Mac, download the latest driver, and add the printer. Make sure you use the driver for the version of macOS you have.