How can I control an Amazon Fire TV remotely?

Episode 1740 (1:48:47)

Tim from Toledo, OH
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Tim would like to set up his mother's TV to be able to change channels by voice activation. Leo says that the Amazon Fire with an IR blaster would be a great option. She could just talk into the remote. Can he create a remote access for the FireTV as he can with Amazon through the Echo? Leo says that there is a smartphone app that can work as a Fire TV remote, and you can perhaps use that on Tim's phone to make any changes. But you have to be on the same WiFi network for it to work. 

Doctor Mom in the chatroom says you can reset up a Harmony remote and link it to your Amazon account. Then you can control it remotely. Just like the Echo. Then you can use the Echo to control the TV with an IR blaster.